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About the Job:

We are looking for one amazing person to handle part time retail sales while providing excellent customer service at our Richfield location. We are a local company and you will enjoy working with an owner operator in a small business setting not steeped in corporate culture.

If you love and understand vaping and vape culture, or are an electronic cigarette user or advocate you're someone we would like to interview. We do offer incentivized commission pay as an enhancement to your hourly! We are a no pressure sales environment, we'd prefer you help the customer get what they need then oversell them, but we do reward skilled salespeople.

While the principle work can be demanding there is a good share of down time in your day, you should feel comfortable with quiet down time between customers, able to bring a book, music, even netflix if all of your work is caught up on.

We would like our candidates to:

  • Have Retail Math and Money Handling Skills.
  • Have Light Cleaning Skills.
  • To know flavor profiles of e-liquids, in particular to learn the ones we carry.
  • To know vaping, vape culture, and electronic cigarettes well enough to advise and service our customers.
  • Be willing to work fairly long hours once or twice a week, with a lot of down time in your shift.
  • Be able to keep a good attitude which is warm and inviting to our customers for your whole shift.
  • Be able to work late. (till 9pm)
  • Flexible to take fill in shifts when available. 



  • Education level - High school or equivalent
  • Retail sales.
  • Customer service, and ability to advise customers.
  • Knowledge of electronic cigarettes, vaping culture, e-liquid, how they work and their advantages.



  • $10/hr + commission
  • Comfortable work environment with amenities, good employee discounts.


About Emerald Vapor :

We're a local team dedicated with helping people get away from cigarettes with the new technology solutions. We see this area of products as a way to help get people away from nicotine addiction and help them to quit smoking. It is also a way to help people who have no interest in breaking their habit use a better consumption system that does not contain the thousands of carcinogenic chemicals that traditional tobacco does.


How to apply:

Please send your resume and a brief introduction to us at info@emeraldvapor.com and provide a phone number we can call to schedule an interview with you!

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